eclipse is Shure of the QLX-D

eclipse is Shure of the QLX-D

UAE: Ready for the new season, eclipse Venue Services has made a significant investment in Shure’s QLX-D Digital Wireless System, bringing their total inventory to 82 units.

As Shure microphones have a long standing history in the audio industry, they are renowned for being a staple microphone manufacturer for decades, and given its proven reliability, the QLX-D is the perfect unit for the eclipse Venue Services’ needs within the hospitality’s AV industry. Additionally, the system bares the ideal amount of features for the team’s requirements, and due to its portability and user-friendly interface, the QLX-D is eclipse’s main wireless solution, utilized on all indoor and outdoor events.

The QLX-D delivers great quality digital audio right out of the box. The system is easy to deploy, even more so when the units are networked. The transmitters are very power efficient, giving impressive run time on AA and SB900 rechargeable batteries. As a bonus, AES-256 encryption is extremely useful when our clients demand security for sensitive and classified information on wireless frequencies”, comments eclipse Venue Services’ Operations Director Jonathan Taillefer.

“NMK and eclipse have always had a good mutual relationship. With the ever-growing number of events that eclipse has every week, Shure's ground-breaking rechargeable battery solutions guarantee that their Operating Expenditure (OPEX) reduces. The QLX-D is the most effective product in its price category. Truly Shure has made a very digital microphone system with some really nice features”, commented Shure’s Product Manager, Shajahan KK

“NMK has been an excellent supplier for us in the UAE. The team is extremely friendly, and we have built a relationship over the years. When service is required, it is never an issue, and they provide a solution or a quick turnaround depending on what is needed.” Concluded Mr. Taillefer

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